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Custom System Design and Fabrication

Facility Design/Build (Safety & Compliance)

Patent Licensing – (our systems)

Equipment Lease and Rentals

Extraction Services

Training and Certification – (our systems)

Product Development and Testing

* Training & certification is required to operate our systems


Batch Solvent Extraction Systems
(Capacity: 1 to 1,000 pounds)

Batch extraction systems are very useful for testing, and in industries that require processing of small amounts of raw material.

Continuous Solvent Extraction Systems
(Capacity: 1,000 pounds/hour and up)

Continuous Extraction Systems are most effective in the extraction of oils where large amounts of raw material need to be processed in the most efficient amount of time.

Both systems provide cost effective solutions that yield higher quality oils and valuable byproducts that are commonly utilized in other lucrative markets (i.e., peanuts yield peanut oil as well as peanut flour/powder).

US Patented Method

Engineered Stamped and Certified

Made in the USA

AWS Certified Welders

Designed to Meet your Needs

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